5 simple ways you can start earning online:

Making money online seems like the dream. Sitting at home, possibly in bed, and casually generating thousands. Pretty ideal. But with so many options and so much to learn what should you really put your effort into? In this article you will emerge with a good idea of how you can start making money online, all you need is a laptop.

5 Ways To Make Money Online:

1. Stock Photography

2. Presets

3. Online Courses

4. Online surveys

5. Freelancing

Anyone can do these 5 methods and make money from it. So lets get into the first method and how you can make money from stock photography.

Stock Photography:

Selling stock photography online is super easy. You don’t need any fancy equipment other than your phone camera. Essentially you upload your photos to a site which sells stock photography, business designers and web designers then visit the site and look for photos for their website. They then hopefully buy your photo and use it on their site; you get paid from this sale. You want to aim to maximize sales so you need to be smart about the photos you take and upload. Think of a business niche and decide what type of photos they may be after, and then assess the competition on the site you will be selling with for the amount of content in the niche (the less, the better). Then take some great photos and upload them.

Here is a list of some of the best websites for selling your photos on:

  Lightroom Presets:

Creating and saving your custom Lightroom settings as a specific preset is not just a great time-saving tool. You can make money from them. To make a preset get a couple template images, get a couple with different tones and colours to see how your preset will look on most images. Then edit your photo with Adobe Lightroom to make it look good, click the + sign below the presets menu on the left panel and create your preset. Choose every setting you changed when editing your photo to make the preset. Compress the file to a zip file and upload it to a site that sells presets online, or make your own website for them (this will be more expensive and time consuming)

Here’s a list of the best sites to sell your presets on:


Online Courses:

Online learning and training have become an essential part of every online business. Creating and selling online courses can be quite profitable, with many professionals achieving 6- and 7-figure incomes. And, with online course topics being so diverse everyone has a course in them. The whole E-learning market is expected to grow over 300 billion within 5 years, and that includes both individuals and corporations spending more and more into online learning. There has never been a better time to join the growing industry of eLearning. There is no one-way to write a course. All you need is patience and imagination. If you love the field of your expertise, everything will come into place. There are hundreds of tools and resources out there to create a stunning course! I recommend using Canva for most of your design needs, it’s super simple to use and the end results usually look amazing. You can make a course on anything For example you can do a:

  • Steal my Style course
  • Travel guide
  • Grow on instagram course
  • Getting started in Photography course
  • Learning another language course

When pricing your online course think about how much you would be happy to pay for the information you provide.

Here’s a list of the best sites to sell online courses on:

– Teachable – https://teachable.com/

– Aphrosa – https://aphrosashop.com/

– Udemy – https://www.udemy.com/

Online Surveys:

Taking Online Surveys, an old one but a good one none the less. A favourite among students, taking online surveys is an easy way to make money with just a laptop and no real work. Companies pay survey sites to get information about their target market directly from them, You then get a cut of the money the company is paying. A super simple concept and even simpler to make money from. When doing online surveys for money, the main factor you should consider is the site you take surveys on, try and do as many as you can but make sure you’re getting the most money for the time spent. Here are a couple sites to check out for online surveys:

  • Prize Rebel
  • Swagbucks
  • MintVine


This is one of the more profitable ways of making money online, in fact you could do it for a living! Freelancing does, however, rely on you having a skill, which is in demand that not everyone can do. For example you could become a web design freelancer if you are good at web design. Freelancing involves people coming to you with a job for you to do and they pay you for that one job and nothing else. You work on your own time with no contracted hours, there may be a deadline but as long as you get the job done and done well, you’re completely free to do what you want. Freelancing online is usually associated with creative jobs such as logo design and web development. If you’re good at logo design you can charge anywhere from £20 – £600 per job. Here are a list of freelancing websites:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Worksome
  • Guru

That was a guide on what you can do to start making money online today! I highly recommend selling digital products online,

Digital product sales are completely passive meaning you can generate money while you sleep!

 Here’s a couple ideas of things to sell :

  • Online courses
  • Lightroom presets
  • An Ebook
  • iPhone wallpapers
  • Music

This means you can create an online product, leave it, and make money while you sleep.

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