How to Install Photoshop Plugins

If you’re new and not sure how to install Photoshop plugins, simply follow the steps below to get started.

  • Step 1: First, download the plugin file. It’ll come as a ZIP file
  • Step 2: Extract the contents of the ZIP file
  • Step 3: Create a folder on your computer to store all Photoshop plugins and copy your downloaded plugin files over to the new plugins folder
  • Step 4: On Photoshop, go to the Edit menu and then to Preferences >> Plugins
  • Step 5: Check the tickbox that says “Additional Plugins Folder” and then locate your new Photoshop plugins folder on your computer and click OK
  • Step 6: Restart the Photoshop app to enable the new plugin

To enable some plugins, you’ll have to navigate to the Filters menu and locate it there.

Some Photoshop plugins come with setup files. Those can be easily installed by running the installation wizard. When downloading plugins from Adobe Exchange, make sure to have the Creative Cloud app installed on your computer to integrate the plugins with Photoshop.

Find a plugin from the list below to improve your workflow.

Best Plugins:

  1. Pexels is one of the biggest free stock photo sites on the Internet. It has a massive collection of high-quality stock photos you can use in your designs for free of charge. This is the official Photoshop plugin for Pexels. It allows you to access its entire photo database directly from Photoshop to easily find and use photos without having to leave Photoshop.
  2. Layers Control 2, Only designers know the pain of having to manage dozens of layers in a PSD file. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of layers when you forget to organize them well. Sometimes, you don’t even have the time to keep layers organized. This plugin will come in handy on those occasions. The plugin makes layer management easier by allowing you to easily organize and clean your layers palette in a simple way.
  3. HDR Sharpener, Adding HDR effects into regular photos can be tough. But, with this free Photoshop plugin, you can add HDR effects with just one-click. It even has a slider to adjust the strength of the effect to match your photos.

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