Grow On Instagram in 5 Days Now – Aphrosa Tutorial


  • An email account
  • The instagram app
  1. Open Instagram on your phone or through the website.
  2. Create your account.
  3.  Go to and design a logo which you will use as your profile picture.
  4.  When looking for images to use, get copyright free images which can be found at
  5. Upload your logo as your profile picture and switch to a business account or a creator account.
  6. Next write a bio which is personal to you and reflects your page.
  7. Follow this bio template:

‘Type of content’. 

About you e.g owned by a traveller

Nearest City e.g London


How to know what went wrong, When Analysing post results:

When analysing a post you need to see the analytics of how people reacted to it. Here are possible reactions people may have and what they mean so you can improve next time:

High Impressions, Low ViewsPoor Content

Low impressions, low views Poor Content, weak Description and poor use of Hashtags

Low Impressions, High Views Poor use of Hashtags and Description, good Content

High Impressions, High Views, Low Engagement – Good Content, good Description and Hashtags, poor CTA (call to action)


What is a CTA (call to action) :

A call to action is essentially asking people to do something. For example ‘Shop Now’ is a CTA to get people to your shop and to buy something.

To write a good CTA for instagram you need to think about why people in your niche may follow you. For example if you are in a ‘success’ niche, many of your followers will probably aspire to become millionaires. You could use this fact to write a call to action with a hook : Follow @exampleusername if you are going to become a millionaire’.


Description Template :

Follow @exampleusername for more insane content! @exampleusername @exampleusername

Share with 3 people who need to see this!



(add all hashtags here)

*at the top line it says ‘for more insane content!’ This is your CTA, finding what works best will be individual to your page! Try and hook people into following you e.g ‘follow if you’re going to be a millionaire’ if you have a ‘success’ page


Instagram Hashtags:

Hashtags are very powerful if you know how to use them correctly. If you are a smaller account (less then 100k followers) then it will be very hard to rank on the larger hashtags, meaning they won’t work well. Instead you should want to have less popular hashtags so you can rank high on them. Follow the advice and you should start ranking higher and see a large difference in the effectiveness of hashtags.

To find the hashtags relevant to your niche search words related to your brand and click on the tags section just below the search bar. Under the name of the hashtag you can see the number of posts.


What is the explore page?

The explore page on Instagram is the holy grail of an Instagram account. Its where Instagram promotes your content directly to people who may be interested in your content. Sounds good? Now how to get onto it.

Your content MUST be good. You will never get onto the explore page if your content is bad. To get an idea of good content click the search icon to see what content makes it to the explore page. Try and copy the style of the content.

Post your good quality post, with a good description and good hashtags.

In the first hour of your post Instagram will show your post to a small number of followers to see if it’s a good post, if it is your views will increase. The only way you can get onto the explore page is if you have good continuous engagement on your post. To get this continuous engagement, share that you have posted on your story and get everyone you can (friend & family included) to like and comment. Respond to every comment. Then in a couple days time if your post didn’t make it, make another story shoutout for the post to reengage people and you may reach the explore page. This will not guarantee you make it to the explore page, but it will give you the best chance to make it.


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