The Mindset and Habits of Success

Mindset & Mental –

No one is capable of achieving success without either luck or the willingness and motivation to create their own success. Luck is not to ever be relied on, however we can always rely on what we do. Developing the characteristics to succeed seems to be a difficult task however the best method of doing this is to really emphasise your motivation and how active you are for one week. After one week of constant action and productivity it will become easier to turn it on when necessary and to have it on when it’s not necessary. Developing a habit from motivation is an unbelievably valuable resource to have, its why working out at the gym and keeping fit can be linked to success. So for your first week go to the gym and get busy.


Furthermore on the subject on the mental side of becoming successful, know that shit happens. There’s going to be set backs and lots of them but just remember that almost no one got rich without any hardship. A good tip to keeping the right mindset during one of these set backs is to surround yourself with the type of people who will motivate you to push on and learn from the experience, your social surroundings will influence you dramatically so choose who you surround yourself with that in mind.

Failure is a super important thing when it comes to the mentality of successful people, or even the reaction to failure. Successful people try not to take a failure too much to heart, instead they see failure as the opportunity to begin again, but this time more intelligently. They know it’s not a defining event, and they don’t treat it as a problem unless it begins to become a habit. They win as if they are used to it, and they lose as if they’re enjoying the challenge.


Finally always keep your mental state in the best possible condition, if you are struggling with something or overly stressed then it will reflect in what you do. If you do feel overwhelmed then take a couple minutes break and rest, maybe try a meditation before continuing with anything else.

Successful Habits –

It’s said many successful people read one book a week, 52 books a year. The reason this is important is that it shows how what we do outside of working on business can affect our success. It shows the power of setting yourself up for success, developing good habits will be instrumental when it comes to maximising the chance for you to succeed. Here are some habits you should adopt, to not only boost motivation and productivity but also put you in the right headspace for high productivity, as if your mind is good, you will be good:

  • Read as many books as you can
  • Workout/Exercise at least once everyday
  • Eat health when you can
  • Snack healthily if you get tired or hungry
  • Wake up early (if you can)
  • Cold showers in the morning
  • Less TV time
  • Goal Setting

Now you do NOT by any means have to follow these strictly and they are not at all necessary to your success, you will be able to succeed without them. So why would you bother with them? Business and ecommerce is a tough game, there will always be another obstacle however what separates those who succeed from those who fail is finding your way around those obstacles and minimising the chance of hitting one. If you follow those good habits you are much more likely to find a way over problems and to avoid ones in the future.

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